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We light up the darkness!

The SSG Simul EWIV is exclusively for its members!
Our offer is not aimed at business! 

Benefits as a member:

  1. The EWIV offers a variety of advantages that your company or you as a freelancer can benefit from:

  2. Secure Accounts: As a member of the EEIG, you get access to secure accounts that allow you to carry out your financial transactions reliably and securely.

  3. New start and crisis management: The EWIV supports you in risking a new start and emerging from today's crises with fresh impetus. By working together with other members, you can benefit from their experience and expertise and develop solutions together.

  4. Reserves: The EWIV offers you the opportunity to form long-term reserves. This creates financial security for you and your employees and enables you to better counter any economic fluctuations.

  5. Improved Employee Pay: By taking advantage of EEIG, you can generate more financial resources to better pay your employees. This not only contributes to their satisfaction, but also enables you to retain and motivate talented employees in the long term.

  6. Sustainable employee motivation: The EWIV promotes a more sustainable type of employee motivation. By working together and creating long-term perspectives, you can motivate your employees over the long term and strengthen their commitment to the company.

  7. Overall, the EWIV offers you the opportunity to gain financial stability, to pay your employees better and to motivate them in the long term. By working together and using the advantages of the EWIV, you can achieve your business goals more effectively and ensure long-term success.

Choose your membership plan

  • 5% debt purchase
  • membership unlimited

  • 1 project with account incl.

  • Back office

  • collection

  • budget account

  • Effort Optimization

  • Legal form optimization

  • procurement

  • EU advice

  • Insolvency support

  • project support

  • Project Sub-Accounts


shallowness goes first!

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