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self-limitation resolution

Beiler, June 5th, 2023

All members (co-owners) participated in this resolution (online). The managing director, Haci Cuma Polat, was unanimously elected chairman of the meeting, the secretary is Wolfgang Lange.
The chairman of the meeting establishes that the summons has been properly summoned and that there is a quorum. The resolutions were sent to everyone with the invitation. It was decided unanimously that, for reasons of joint and several liability, the management of SSG Group is outsourced in Luxembourg.
The managing director and the supervisory board are prohibited from entering into liabilities of any kind for the SSG Simul EWIV: no employees and consultants may be hired or commissioned, no financing of any kind, not for operating resources, objects, real estate, vehicles. In individual cases, the members have to decide beforehand without taking any risk for the EEIG.
This resolution is to be renewed twice a year and members who are sent the BWA signed by the tax advisor with SuSa for control.
The members (co-owners) allow the managing director's salary (the amount is decided separately) and the office service in Luxembourg to be received via the company Regus and IT and internet costs.

The chairman of the meeting closed the meeting at 7:45 p.m

This decision must be confirmed in December 2023

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