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become a member

Become a member today!

Why you should choose us:

  • Our knowledge, qualifications and experience of the EEIG legal form.

  • Convincing cost/performance ratio.

  • The success of our members (co-owners) speaks for us.

  • Outstanding IT and computer technology  and optimal usability.

  • A common appearance in Europe enables advantages for the individual.

  • Not refusing or avoiding tax payments in order not to undermine our social community.

  • But knowing your rights and taking advantage of current opportunities offered by the legislature

Join us

Of course! I would be happy to explain further advantages and details of the SSG Simul EWIV to you:

  1. Joint representation of interests: As a member (co-owner) of the EEIG, you have the opportunity to represent your interests together with other members. The association acts as a mouthpiece and advocates for the concerns and needs of its members.

  2. Facilitation of economic activity: The purpose of the EEIG is to facilitate and further develop the economic activity of its members. By working together and sharing experiences within the association, synergies can be leveraged to improve business outcomes.

  3. Full partner status: After a trial period, you will be entered as a member (co-owner) in the commercial register. This gives you full partner status and you are involved in decision-making processes on an equal footing.

  4. Financial and Legal Representation: The EEIG provides financial and legal support through its directors. These represent the interests of the association and its members (co-owners) in financial and legal matters.

  5. Network and opportunities for cooperation: As part of the EWIV you have access to an extensive network of entrepreneurs, freelancers and specialists. This allows you to form partnerships, share knowledge and experience, and open up new business opportunities.

  6. Tax advantages: As a member of the EEIG you can benefit from tax advantages. Contribution payments and special contributions can usually be deducted from tax, which gives you financial relief and flexibility.

If you have any further questions or would like to arrange a detailed meeting, I am at your disposal.

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