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We bring you to investments!

Investing is more important than taxing growth.

EWIV advice.png
EWIV advice.png

Tax also means control

The legislature has always intervened in the development of the economy through control (taxes) in order to indirectly guide entrepreneurs for the benefit of society. Without incentive, an entrepreneur would not tackle important developments or would do so too late. This also speaks against a simplified tax system, which would cause the economy to lose its dynamism.
That doesn't mean we don't need reforms. We must quickly find a new, modern standard in Europe, which should be roughly in the middle between our southern neighbors and us.
A benchmark that politicians have to find together with entrepreneurs, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

The structural changes that many companies have made in recent years must now be followed by the states, federal states and municipalities so that public debt is not even necessary. In a state structure in which many of those involved are not allowed to make decisions and therefore cannot achieve anything, a complete streamlining is unavoidable.
The goal is:
To get a tax system on the way that is supported by Europe's entrepreneurs, so that the existing money can be used without incurring new debts.
Already today, around 70% of taxes are caused by companies - this means that coercive measures against entrepreneurs are completely inefficient and, on top of that, harm the community.
A change in the system is therefore required that will prevent such things as corruption, nepotism and the like (also in Germany) as quickly as possible and make them completely impossible from the outset.
Europe needs lean, modern and, above all, joint bodies that should be just as effective and functional as the modern economy.

The legislator in Germany says:
"No taxpayer is obliged to structure the situation in such a way that a tax claim arises. - Rather, he is free to avoid the tax and choose a structure that results in a lower tax burden."   decision of May 20, 1997, Federal Fiscal Court, Az. VIII B 108/96. And that's why this incentive for entrepreneurs has always been the reason to shape the future!

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Live better and have more time - with EWIV

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EWIV better life k.png
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A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) can potentially help improve your life and free up more time if managed successfully and effectively. Here are some ways an EEIG can contribute:

  1. Efficient use of resources: By collaborating with other companies in an EEIG, resources such as expertise, staff, equipment and finances can be used more efficiently. This can result in you spending less time and money completing tasks.

  2. Specialized skills: When you partner with partners who have specialized skills and knowledge, you can access a broader range of skills without having to learn or hire everything yourself.

  3. Sharing tasks and responsibilities: By sharing tasks and responsibilities among EWIV members, you can reduce your workload and focus on the areas where you are strongest.

  4. Market access: An EEIG can facilitate access to markets in different countries, as the partner companies often have knowledge and contacts in their respective home countries.

  5. Promote work-life balance: By dividing work efficiently, you can potentially gain more free time and achieve a better work-life balance.

  6. Managing Risk: Diversifying partner companies in different countries can help reduce the risk of market changes or economic fluctuations.

  7. Promoting innovation: The exchange of ideas and resources in an EEIG can increase the ability to innovate and lead to the development of new products or services.

  8. Access to funding sources: An EEIG with different members may have easier access to funding opportunities as different companies can use different sources of funding.

It is important to note that the success of an EEIG depends on the clear definition of objectives, the selection of appropriate partners, good communication and effective management. Careful planning and implementation are crucial to realizing the benefits of an EWIV in terms of improved quality of life and time savings.

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With EWIV - sustainable and safe

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EWIV better life k.png
EWIV sustainable k.png

Establishing a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) can also help promote sustainability and security in your business activities. Here are some ways this can be achieved:

  1. Sustainability through cooperation: By collaborating with other companies in an EEIG, resources can be better used, which can lead to more efficient use of energy, materials and other resources. This helps reduce the ecological footprint.

  2. Knowledge sharing: In an EEIG, companies can share their knowledge and best practices to jointly develop sustainable solutions. This can lead to innovations that contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

  3. Shared environmental goals: The partner companies can set common environmental goals and take measures to make their business practices more environmentally friendly. This can range from energy efficiency to waste reduction.

  4. Responsible supply chains: An EEIG can help promote ethical and sustainable practices throughout the supply chain. This can increase social responsibility and product safety.

  5. Risk reduction: The diversity of members in an EEIG can help diversify risk in business activities. This minimizes the risk of serious impacts to a company if certain markets or business areas become uncertain.

  6. Legal certainty: EEIGs are legally regulated, which provides a stable and secure basis for cooperation between members. This can provide increased security for business activities.

  7. Crisis management: In the event of crises or challenges, members of an EEIG can pool their resources to find effective solutions together. This improves the ability to respond to unforeseen events.

  8. Transparency and compliance: An EEIG requires clear agreements and regular communication between members. This helps ensure that business activities remain transparent and legally compliant.

  9. Cultural diversity: Working together in an EEIG enables the exchange of different cultural perspectives. This can lead to a broader view of sustainability issues and contribute to better adaptation to different markets.

To promote sustainability and safety in an EEIG, it is important to set clear principles and goals, maintain open communication, follow ethical guidelines and focus on long-term results.

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Through EWIV - achieving liberal goals safely

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EWIV better life k.png
EWIV sustainable k.png

Establishing a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) can help promote liberal business practices while safely achieving your goals. Here are some aspects of how this can be achieved:

  1. Freedom in collaboration: An EEIG enables companies to organize their collaboration on a voluntary basis. Each company retains its legal and economic independence while benefiting from the benefits of cooperation.

  2. Liberalization of market access: By collaborating in an EEIG, companies can more easily access different markets, which can lead to an expansion of business scope and promote competition and liberalization.

  3. Promoting competitiveness: Efficient use of resources and collaboration in an EEIG can increase the competitiveness of the participating companies as they can share resources and reduce costs.

  4. Innovation and exchange of ideas: The diversity of members in an EEIG can promote the exchange of ideas and lead to innovative solutions. This can contribute to the development of new products and services and stimulate the market.

  5. Responsible entrepreneurship: Companies working together in an EEIG can share common values based on ethical business behavior and social responsibility. This promotes responsible entrepreneurial behavior.

  6. Flexible adaptation: An EEIG enables the companies involved to react flexibly to market developments and adapt their strategies in order to safely achieve their goals.

  7. Liberalization of business practices: An EEIG can help reduce bureaucracy, overcome trade barriers and facilitate cross-border trade, which can lead to a more liberal business environment.

  8. Legal framework: EEIGs are subject to clear legal provisions that regulate cooperation between members. This creates a safe and transparent environment for achieving your goals.

  9. Cultural diversity: Collaborating in an EEIG enables the exchange of different cultural perspectives, which can lead to a more open mindset and better adaptation to different markets.

In order to safely achieve your goals and at the same time promote liberal principles, it is important to define clear objectives, make partnership agreements, ensure transparent communication and focus on shared values of entrepreneurial activity.

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EWIV success - through system

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EWIV better life k.png
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To promote the success of a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) through an effective system, there are various steps and approaches you can consider:

  1. Clear objectives: Define clear and realistic objectives for the EEIG. These should include both short- and long-term goals that are understood and supported by all members.

  2. Strategy development: Develop a strategy that describes the path to achieving your goals. This should include resource utilization, market access, partnerships and other important aspects.

  3. Appropriate partner selection: Select partner companies that can contribute to achieving your goals and that share your values and vision. This enables effective collaboration.

  4. Clear contracts and agreements: Create detailed written agreements that govern roles, responsibilities, financial contributions, profit distribution, and other important aspects. This minimizes potential conflicts.

  5. Efficient communication: Establish clear communication channels and regular meetings to ensure that all members are on the same page and information is exchanged efficiently.

  6. Resource management: Establish a system for how resources (financial resources, expertise, working time, etc.) are used and distributed within the EEIG. This enables fair use and optimal resource allocation.

  7. Performance monitoring: Implement a system to regularly monitor and evaluate the EEIG's progress and performance. This helps to react to problems early and make adjustments.

  8. Crisis Management: Develop strategies and plans to deal with crises or unexpected challenges. This can strengthen the resilience of the EEIG.

  9. Encourage Innovation: Create an environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and innovations among members. This can lead to new products, services or business models.

  10. Flexibility: Keep your strategies and systems flexible to respond to changing market conditions and opportunities.

  11. Legal compliance: Ensure your EEIG complies with all relevant legal regulations and requirements. This is particularly important for the success and legal security of the organization.

  12. Feedback and Improvement: Implement a system that collects feedback from members, customers, and other relevant parties. Use this feedback to make continuous improvements.

A well-designed and implemented system will help drive the success of your EEIG by bringing structure, clarity and efficiency to collaboration.

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