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We bring you to investments!

Investing is more important than taxing growth.

Tax also means control

The legislature has always intervened in the development of the economy through control (taxes) in order to indirectly guide entrepreneurs for the benefit of society. Without incentive, an entrepreneur would not tackle important developments or would do so too late. This also speaks against a simplified tax system, which would cause the economy to lose its dynamism.
That doesn't mean we don't need reforms. We must quickly find a new, modern standard in Europe, which should be roughly in the middle between our southern neighbors and us.
A benchmark that politicians have to find together with entrepreneurs, with a focus on small and medium-sized businesses.

The structural changes that many companies have made in recent years must now be followed by the states, federal states and municipalities so that public debt is not even necessary. In a state structure in which many of those involved are not allowed to make decisions and therefore cannot achieve anything, a complete streamlining is unavoidable.
The goal is:
To get a tax system on the way that is supported by Europe's entrepreneurs, so that the existing money can be used without incurring new debts.
Already today, around 70% of taxes are caused by companies - this means that coercive measures against entrepreneurs are completely inefficient and, on top of that, harm the community.
A change in the system is therefore required that will prevent such things as corruption, nepotism and the like (also in Germany) as quickly as possible and make them completely impossible from the outset.
Europe needs lean, modern and, above all, joint bodies that should be just as effective and functional as the modern economy.

The legislator in Germany says:
"No taxpayer is obliged to structure the situation in such a way that a tax claim arises. - Rather, he is free to avoid the tax and choose a structure that results in a lower tax burden."   decision of May 20, 1997, Federal Fiscal Court, Az. VIII B 108/96. And that's why this incentive for entrepreneurs has always been the reason to shape the future!

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