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We light up the darkness!

The future needs new economic concepts!

We as SSG Simul EWIV have sent the sand!

The logical structure!  The logical future!

The SSG Simul EWIV offers its members a long-term and sustainable perspective for their company. Here are other benefits of membership:

  1. Acting together: As a member of the EEIG you are part of a community of like-minded people. By working together and cooperating at eye level, you can tackle projects together, achieve big goals and learn from each other. The EEIG promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the members.

  2. Financial security: You receive financial security for your company through the purchase of receivables and down payments on the purchase price. This allows you to build up reserves and avoid financial bottlenecks. The guaranteed budget planning also creates long-term financial security for the coming years.

  3. Sustainability: The EWIV attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection. As part of your economic activity, you can contribute to saving CO2 and becoming CO2-neutral. This shows your responsible action towards the environment and contributes to sustainable development.

  4. Effective time management: If you own several companies, the EWIV enables you to organize and manage your business processes effectively. You can take advantage of the simplified procedures and shared network to save time and make the most of your resources.

  5. Family perspective: Establishing your own EEIG offers you the opportunity to provide for the future of your children and future generations. You create a long-term change and can contribute to enormous growth.

  6. Security and transparency: As a member of the SSG Simul EWIV you enjoy the highest level of security and transparency. The members have the say in the EEIG and can actively participate in decisions. The Supervisory Board ensures that the surpluses of the members are invested sustainably.

The SSG Simul EWIV offers you the opportunity to pursue your business goals, gain financial security and at the same time take responsibility for the environment and future generations. Membership allows you effective time management, exchange with like-minded people and the realization of large projects. Due to the structure of the EWIV and the auxiliary nature, you receive the support you need for your entrepreneurial success.

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Only who has the key -

can EWIV².

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