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an opinion from hungary

  1. European law: The EEIG is based on a regulation of the European Union and is therefore subject to a uniform legal framework that applies in all EU member states. This creates clarity and security with regard to the legal provisions and regulations to which the EEIG is subject.

  2. Transparent structure: The EEIG requires a clear and transparent organizational structure, including a written memorandum of association and registration in the commercial register. This clearly defines the rights and obligations of the members and creates a reliable basis for cooperation.

  3. Limitation of Liability: As a member of an EEIG, you usually have limited liability, which means that your personal assets are protected against any liabilities of the EEIG. This offers you a certain security and protection against financial risks.

  4. Promotion of cooperation: The EEIG promotes cross-border cooperation and exchange between members. This enables you to access new markets, share resources and know-how, and strengthen your bargaining power with suppliers and customers.

  5. Professional support: The EEIG often offers professional support and advice in various areas such as finance, law and taxes. This allows you to benefit from expert knowledge and ensure that your activities are in line with applicable regulations and laws.

  6. Networking opportunities: As a member of an EEIG, you have access to a network of other companies and entrepreneurs with whom you can exchange information and cooperate. This opens up new business opportunities for you and promotes the exchange of experiences.

All in all, the EWIV offers you as an entrepreneur a legal basis, a transparent structure and increased security for your business activities.

Image by Marc Schadegg
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