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Joint activities and projects - EWIV²

The flexible legal structure of the Simul EEIG enables members to adapt their cooperation to their changing needs and to react to changes. This allows for a high degree of adaptability and enables members to adapt to the challenges of the ever-changing economic environment.

A central goal of the SSG Simul EWIV is the sustainable shared use of resources. Members have the opportunity not only to share resources such as land, property, machinery and labor in the short term, but also to enter into long-term collaborations to achieve efficiency gains and cost savings.

The SSG Simul EWIV supports its members in accessing new markets in other EU countries. Through the joint investments and marketing opportunities, the members can develop permanent business opportunities in new sales markets and take advantage of growth opportunities.

Another advantage of the SSG Simul EWIV is the strengthening of the bargaining power of the members. By working together, members can strengthen their position in the market, enter into long-term strategic partnerships and benefit from better conditions when purchasing inputs, negotiating with buyers and accessing financing options.

The SSG Simul EWIV makes it easier for its members to access funding and supports them in the development and implementation of projects. By becoming a member and collaborating with other members, members can benefit from greater weighting and influence with funders.

It is important to note that SSG Simul EEIG is not a commercial organization and is not aimed at the market. It is only there for its members and has no customers. This orientation also makes the SSG Simul EWIV attractive for startups, as they can benefit from the advantages of joint activities, knowledge transfer and resource use.

Overall, the SSG Simul EWIV offers a sustainable long-term support community that enables its members to achieve "more net - from the gross". Through cooperation, knowledge transfer and the joint use of resources, members can increase their economic performance in the long term and achieve sustainable success.

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