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More sustainable with an EEIG -

An EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping)

offers the opportunity to promote sustainable practices and projects. Here are some ways an EEIG can help to be more sustainable:

1. Coordination of Resso

urcen: An EEIG enables companies and organizations to use resources more efficiently and to realize sustainable projects together. By pooling financial resources and resources such as expertise and infrastructure, larger, long-term, sustainable initiatives can be implemented.

2. Knowledge transfer: Communication and collaboration within an EEIG promotes the members' specialist knowledge and their experience in the area of sustainability. Best practices and collaboration lead to sustainable solutions in the development and implementation of joint projects.

3. Economies of scale: Benefit from working together in an EEIG

Companies and organizations of economies of scale. Bringing together demand and supply creates significant cost savings in collaborative procurement opportunities for environmentally friendly products and services.

4. Influencing politics and legislation: An EEIG can act as a mouthpiece and represent common positions on sustainable issues. Lobbying and collaboration with policymakers enable EEIGs to contribute to, promote and implement sustainable laws and regulations.

5. Public relations and awareness-raising: An EEIG can increase awareness of sustainability issues in society through targeted public relations and awareness-raising. Through joint campaigns, events and information materials, EEIGs can help create sustainable awareness among the general public.

It is important to note that an EEIG's sustainability initiatives depend on the goals and values of its members. A clear shared vision and a strong commitment to sustainability are crucial to successfully operate an EEIG in a sustainable manner and maximize its positive impact.

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