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A training course on the “European Economic Interest Grouping” (EEIG) in Luxembourg! -

A European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) training course in Luxembourg, based on 15 years of practical experience and aimed exclusively at participants with basic knowledge, would be very specific and in-depth. Here are some main topics and suggestions for such training:

1. Introduction and Overview

  • Looking back at the creation and development of the EWIV over the last 15 years.

  • Discussion about the relevance of Luxembourg as a location for EEIGs.

2. Legal framework

  • In-depth knowledge of current legislation and case law relating to EEIGs.

  • Differences and peculiarities of Luxembourg law compared to other EU countries.

3. Foundation and administration

  • Practical steps for setting up an EEIG in Luxembourg.

  • Requirements for members, contracts and documentation.

  • Administration of several EEIGs in one company, legal, tax & in a common office in multiple languages: German, English, French, Spanish and so on. A real future perspective.

4. Tax aspects

  • Taxation of EEIGs in Luxembourg.

  • Practical experiences and case studies from the last 15 years.

  • An overview of current case law from Germany and judgments.

5. Operational challenges and best practices

  • Case studies of real-world challenges and solutions.

  • Discussion of best practices and practical tips.

6. Networking and exchange

  • Opportunity for participants to share their own experiences and challenges.

  • Discussion about future trends and developments in the area of EEIV.

7. Risk management and compliance

  • Overview of risks and liability issues associated with EEIGs.

  • Best practices for risk management and compliance.

8. Future perspectives

  • Analysis of the role and relevance of EEIGs in the future European business world.

  • Strategies and preparations for future challenges and opportunities.

The training should be interactive and include enough time for questions, discussions and networking. It would also make sense to invite experts from different areas (e.g. law, taxes, business administration) to present different perspectives and specialist knowledge.

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